Monday, November 15, 2010

Road Trip to The Green Light District!

Hello Fans,

This weekend, we decided to put a new twist on our traditional Road Trip. Instead of heading out of town, we visited an area in our home base of New Orleans called the Green Light District. The Green Light District is composed of six eco-friendly stores in a two block area of Magazine Street, a popular shopping destination. 

Our first stop on our hometown road trip was Spruce Eco-Studio, an eco-modern home decor store. The pieces in Spruce are beautiful! 

Carly and Amanda with Nomita, one of the founders of Spruce

Next door to spruce is Green Serene, an eco-lifestyle boutique. We all did some shopping at Green Serene! Amanda and Beckie each bought TOMS shoes and Carly bought a cute journal. 

Carly making a purchase at Green Serene

We also had a lot of fun trying on the vintage clothes and eco-friendly clothes at Branch Out! Branch Out also donated some cans for our campaign. 

Beckie and Carly at Branch Out

 Next, we stopped by UP/Unique Products. UP features artists that make beautiful pieces from recycled materials. We especially liked the lights made from recycled Mardi-Gras beads!

Amanda with some lights made from Mardi-Gras beads at Unique Products

And finally, we paid a visit to Zukababy, a natural parenting boutique. The organic baby clothes were so adorable! 

Beckie and Carly at Zukababy

We had so much fun at our hometown Road Trip! Sometimes the best adventures can be found right in your own city. We want to thank all the store owners at Green Light District for their support! We can't wait to visit again! 

Check out their facebook page at:

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